Page Manager 3.0, Manage your Facebook Pages From Your Windows Phone!


Many of us have lacked the ability to manage our Facebook pages effectively from our WP devices since the mega social site demanded third party apps be removed from the store for a range of trademark infringements. Facebook did come out with a beta, and consequently updated the official app for the service, but they still haven’t cracked some of the main features that users want.

One of the apps that ended up being pulled from the store was, Page Manager, an app, and a developer that I have had a lot to do with over its life. The app has been sorely missed but with changes to branding, and in fact a complete rewrite from the ground up in MVVM, today I had a look at the Beta of Page Manager 3.0. So in a collaboration with David Fishlock, developer of Nokia Music, Srikanth has been able to remake Page Manager, in a smoother, cleaner, faster package.

While users will have all of the functionality that Version 2 delivered, Version 3 is much more refined, and pending store approval should be available to Windows Phone 7 and 8 users soon.

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