Pandora For Windows Phone!


It has been a long time coming, but Pandora is finally on Windows Phone, and I have to say it’s impressive. Version is not all bells and whistles, it is really functional, over wifi or cellular network, in fact, it plays selected music almost instantaneously. There is no buffering, or lag and the sound quality is good.

I searched for a couple of my favourite jazz artists and immediately, I was able to find compilation channels of music that really did it for me. The app is incredibly easy to navigate, the chrome has really been kept to a minimum, you can browse music by category, or, which is even easier, just search by artist. Pandora has a huge catalogue of music, and the apps in built search has been done really well, I had no problem finding content from obscure artists that I like, and the related music in the channels provided was an experience of discovery.


You can favourite channels, build your own channel, share channels with your friends via email, and share what you are listening to via your social networks.


I haven’t worked out how many songs are in a channel, but I have not come to the end of one yet, you can shuffle channels, so you can go back to the same channel and not hear the same songs as the last time you had it playing. Nice feature is that you can pin channels to the start screen for quick access.



There’s also a link to take you to the store to purchase what you are listening to. It works in the background, so once playing, your screen will time out to save battery, and you can change the audio quality to save a bit of bandwidth in settings.


It’s one of the best implemented audio streaming apps I‘ve seen for Windows Phone, really simple and does what it says it does. Now it is not available in all regions, and I’m not sure why that is, although it’s a first for a big app like this to work in Australia at launch. If you like your music this is a must have app for sure. It is also not often that you will see an app work as well on release as this does.

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