Photo Gallery: 4-Wheel Drive Truck, Mother Nature, and My Lumia 1020


Recently, I was fortunate enough to purchase two Lumia 1520’s for my wife and I. These are beasts disguised as smartphones, having the ‘top of the line’ everything…well almost everything. As some of you know, I also have a Lumia 1020, which IS the ‘top of the line’ camera smartphone on the market. This is the one area in my opinion, where the Lumia 1020 clearly has the upper hand over the Lumia 1520. I’ve declared my Lumia 1520 as my daily driver, but that doesn’t mean the 1020 gets shelved. In fact, quite the opposite. In the few months I’ve had my Lumia 1020, I’ve become a novice photographer. I use the term photographer loosely…I’m sure a professional might take issue with me deeming myself as such, but for the sake of argument…yes, now I’m a photographer. Take a ride with me in my 4×4 truck as we journey down a local dirt road chasing clouds.



I’m not going to make this a tutorial on how to get the most out of your Lumia 1020, I’ll leave that to the awesome folks over at Nokia Conversations who I’ve learned SO much from. You can also find their great tips and stories by following @nokconv on Twitter. I highly recommend doing this, they’ve changed the way I think about photography and the way I approach taking photos! The one piece of info that seemed rather pertinent in all of this was the shutter speed I was using. I’ve learned when shooting cloud and sky shots, light can overwhelm even the best of cameras. By speeding up your shutter speed thus allowing less light exposure, you can give yourself a fighting chance to catch some of those amazing cloud structures floating above your head.



Because of my 1020’s lens prowess, I never leave home without it…1520 or not! On this day, I was glad to have had my Lumia 1020 in the truck with me as I drove down our bumpy dirt road that winds its way down the mountain. As I was driving, I realized an incredible cloud formation was moving in from the coast and my normal 15 minute drive…well, it turned into an hour of amazing shots! These were my favorites of the bunch! If you have an album you’d love to share with the WinPhan community, please contact me so we can post a Gallery article for you too!







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