PhotoPlay, Who Needs Instagram?


The focus on Instagram goes well beyond photo sharing apps for Windows Phone. No matter what my thoughts are on that situation, it doesn’t take away from the fact that there are cross platform apps that perform a similar function available for Windows Phone.

Last May I took a look at Eyeem, an app for Windows Phone 7, that was a deserving photo sharing network, with a great focus on the art of photography, with apps for Android and iOS as well. A really good service, and large enough to be a decent competitor to Instagram with out the backing of Facebook. Unfortunately, they have not delivered in terms of keeping up with the Windows Phone platform, not delivering an update for Windows Phone 8. Even though I still use it, Eyeem has followed the money, Android and iOS, leaving Windows Phone users languishing.

Recently another service, PhotoPlay, using basically the same model entered the frey, but how much bearing do apps like these have on the current situation?


PhotoPlay is a nice app, well designed and easy to use and navigate, with the features you would expect from a photo sharing app, link to your phone contacts, Twitter, Facebook, and vkontakte. Displays a feed of your friends photos, and news as well. You can keep contact, follow more users and search for users, as well as browse.



You can post images from any folder on your Windows Phone and apply filters and tags, as well as geo tagging them.


The app is really well executed, but like most of these apps, it appears to be an after thought for Windows Phone, and does not have the financial, or people backing to make it a true competitor in the “three OS war”, and a general browse through the online content actually brings a wider, less desirable set of images. Taking away from the “I want to share the art I create with my phone camera” experience. Not to say other services are any better.


I suppose the proliferation of “selfies”, and anonymous self nudity cannot be avoided on networks like this in general browsing, except by sticking to your friends images.

Drawbacks like these are evident on any social network, so that is up to your own discretion, obviously though, services like these are in demand. While the lack of a mega network on Windows Phone is a thorn in it’s side, there are actually apps/services out there for us. Should we stand around and mourn the lack of one, and discount the services that are available on the platform? I think not!

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2 thoughts on “PhotoPlay, Who Needs Instagram?

  1. Great piece! I’ve never used Instagram to be quite honest, I’m not sure how other photo social networks compare in design and function. I do enjoy using PhotoPlay, I think its UI is appealing and seems close to Instagram as far as I can tell in simplicity. There are some features that need to be addressed in my opinion for PhotoPlay to be a go to for me. I enjoy Fhotoroom and find the experience to be more encompassing and engaging. I think PhotoPlay has a tremendous amount potential to be successful if pushed hard enough by its creators. 🙂

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