Re-Smoked By Windows Phone?


I think all Windows Phone fans really enjoyed the original “Smoked by Windows Phone” series of videos. To think it probably started off as a bit of a joke, and became a marketing gem. Moved into stores, regions other than the US, evolved into the “Meet Your Match” series after the launch of Windows Phone 8.

Problem is, none of this marketing hubbub made it into the mainstream, but things seem set to change with the “Windows Phone Challenge” series of videos set to hit TV in the US. It seems like a long time coming, but I’m sure you would agree with me Microsoft need to push the platform.

The first video brings back our old friend @BenThePCGuy Rudolph, in what is an obvious sequel, pitting the Lumia 920 against the Samsung GS3, in a lowlight photography test. Not sure it was a fair fight to be honest, but HEY!

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