Telstra Windows Phone Update News, Hints Of GDR2!


The latest round of update news from Telstra, really didn’t give to much away, in fact the 7.8 update now seems to be available for a few more of their Windows Phone 7 devices, except the Titan 4G, Samsung Omnia W and the LG C900K. Hey, assume they want to get it right.


Even bigger news, a community member, Craig R, who is on the Telstra Products & Services Team, let slip a little future information in what I assume was a misunderstanding about the GDR2 update for the Lumia 920.

The GDR2 update for the Lumia 920 has not been provided to Telstra for testing yet. Nokia have informed us that they are expecting to submit in mid-May and have not been able to bring that date in any further. I will include schedule details in the next status update post which I hope to have out in a weeks time.

Some vital information has been given away though for the update time line, and even though Nokia seem to be able to get these updates out first, if Nokia are submitting to Microsoft in Mid May, then after testing and that little wait for deployment, we should possibly be seeing the update around late June, early July. This fits in with Microsoft’s projected timing for major updates, and would make the big jump to Windows Phone 8.1 line up with it’s initial reveal date in 2012.

While it’s hard to confirm, a little bit of info goes a long way, and while the Windows Phone 7.8 updates are very specific to Australia, The Lumia 920, Windows Phone update news gives users world wide a peek into their next expected update.

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