To 2015 and A Bright Future for #WinPhan

As many of you know the previous WinPhan Head, Sean Johnson, has recently announced his decision to step down and pass the baton on to someone new. That person is me, David V. Kimball, and I am humbled and honored to attempt to fill Sean’s shoes as I oversee WinPhan and its community.

The last days of 2014 represent the end of an era, of a man who not only founded the WinPhan community, but did so much to bring tech enthusiasts together from around the world. Sean will not be forgotten, and his legacy will live on!

Below is a video the WinPhan community made to honor him and say thank you:

In addition, a special supplemental episode of Glance and Go Radio was recorded to shed some light on Sean’s departure and the future of #WinPhan. Click on the link below to listen:

With these changes in mind, I want to reiterate how excited I am about 2015. This is the year to be a tech enthusiast, to see what Microsoft will be doing next with Windows, and to be a WinPhan. I know I’m stoked, and I hope you are as well!

Be sure to follow the WinPhan communities on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stay tuned for some really cool stuff!

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As WinPhanKyle requested, here is a download to the “There’s a bright future ahead of us” WinPhan graphics for your desktop or lockscreen. There are three sizes, a 1080p version, a 1444p version, and a portrait/mobile version. Download them below!

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