Translate a Webpage on Windows Phone

Because the WinPhan community is a global one, it’s important to use the tools we have to connect to others across different cultures and languages. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to translate a webpage on Internet Explorer on mobile.

Let’s use this article as an example.

Upon the loading the webpage in IE 11 mobile, we see it like this:


In order to translate it, save the following script as a favorite by copying it, tapping “add a favorite” in IE, and pasting this as the URL:

javascript:(function(){var s = document.createElement('script'); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.src = ''; document.body.insertBefore(s, document.body.firstChild);})()

Then you can name it something like “Translate” or “- Translate” (to put it at the top of your favorites list) to translate a web page quickly. We then see something like this:


Thanks to K. Alex on Twitter for asking the question initially and this All About Windows Phone article for supplying the script. For scripts on creating “Top” “Forward” and more scripts, check out that article.

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