Troubleshooting Windows Phone 8: Can’t connect to chat

cant_connToday, at random, the built-in messaging on my Lumia 920 stopped working!

Throughout the day, all I got was a “Can’t connect to chat” message.

I engaged with both Optus (my mobile service provider) and Windows Phone Support on Twitter.

Since all my other data dependent apps and features were working on the phone, it was immediately clear that this wasn’t an Optus issue.

Windows Phone Support was very helpful and suggested a few things and I tried a few things as well. Peter Murphy (of AusWinPhone) also tried to help and it was during the course of our conversation that I was able to find a solution. Thanks Peter 🙂

A factory reset was not an option and I was not going to try it unless I was left with no other choice.

Here are some of the things I tried before I hit the jackpot 🙂

On Windows Phone, under messaging settings, set chat status to “offline” and then back to “available”

This is the first thing to try and usually works, but not this time.


On Windows Phone, turn off “Use Facebook Chat”


On Windows Phone, remove Facebook account from under email+accounts

I did this and even restarted the phone before adding the Facebook account back on the phone.


On your PC, visit and remove Facebook account, then setup Facebook on Windows Phone

Go to and select “Manage other accounts”.

Select Facebook and then click on “Remove this connection completely” and follow instructions.

NOTE: If you previously removed your account from the Phone and didn’t add it back, you will not see this option. In my situation, I didn’t have to do this step.


On Windows Phone, remove Facebook account, enable Airplane mode on and WiFi (no 3G/data connection) and then add Facebook account

Enabled Airplane mode under Settings. Enabled WiFi. Restarted phone and added Facebook account.


Remove Facebook account on Phone, soft reset and add Facebook account.

I removed the account and then soft reset my Lumia 920 (press and hold volume button down + start button for about 10 seconds).

Added Facebook account after restart.


On Windows Phone, remove SIM and check messaging with WiFI enabled


Remove Facebook on Windows Phone, change FB password, add Facebook to Microsoft account, add Facebook on Windows Phone

Removed Facebook from the phone.

Then, changed Facebook password through Facebook website.

Visited and added Facebook through add accounts option.

Added Facebook on Windows Phone.


Enable Battery Saver on Windows Phone. Restart.

I searched the Internet and came across this post on

With nothing else to lose, I tried what Khalid Anzar suggested and it worked!

All credit to Khalid for this one. Thank you!


So, if you ever face this issue, these are some of the steps you can try.

Thanks for reading.

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5 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Windows Phone 8: Can’t connect to chat

  1. I’m glad that this helped you, even though a search will find the problem there is actually no definitive fix for the problem, it is possibly a MS server side issue, and a variety of changes that affect sync can facilitate the online messaging to kick into action again. But until then, Sri has quite a definitive list of things to try 🙂

    1. Silly question, have you changed the status. I have that happen from time to time. Tap ‘status’ button from ‘online’ pivot of your messaging hub. Select ‘offline’ and then repeat the process, except this time select ‘available’. If you still can’t sign in make sure chat is set to ‘on’ in your settings and repeat. Slow network connections can also disallow your chat from working correctly. Last thing, outside the US, there is a know issue with FB chat and WP right now and Microsoft is aware and working on the problem. Hope this helps, keep us up to date! 🙂

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