TSR 2014: An Exciting 3D Dohwnhill Skiing Game


I don’t play many games and I write about even fewer, I’ve never really been much of a gamer. From time to time though, I find something I really like and today I’m compelled to show this beauty to you. Get ready to hit the slopes! Do some fast paced downhill skiing in this free and beautifully animated 3D game, TSR(Top Ski Racing) 2014 for your Windows Phone.



TSR 2014 is a simple yet addictive downhill skiing game that will keep you busy. Always in landscape mode, the game never feels cramped on your screen and makes great use of the Lumia 1520’s enormous HD screen with smooth HD 3D graphics. You’re greeted by a menu hub where you have the choice to either start racing, hone your skills with time trials, train and increase your attributes, buy tokens, or connect your Facebook account to challenge your friends.


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The objective and game play are simple: get to the bottom of the hill as fast as possible and in one piece!





Easier said than done as you’ll need to navigate sharp turns at speeds reaching over 100 km/h so hang on tight!






You have 2 options for steering. Use the accelerometer in your phone to steer by tilting or use the built in slider to turn, the choice is yours. Opt to take full control of your skier and decide when you’re going to crouch and pick up some real speed or go auto, either way, the competition is fierce! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you can carve to break…why bother though, that mentality never won the gold!



Need some extra competition, jump into a time trial and race your ghost self! Push to break world records and even your own ones too! Feeling like doing it in style? Jump into settings, pick your country, and 1 of the 6 unique outfits for each!




Still need a little more to test the limits? Switch your view modes. Get directly in the path of he big hill as you play first person. Things happen fast so you better be ready!




Earn more coins to build your attributes by completing or winning races. You can also compete in point based seasons, where you can win trophies and extra coins! TSR 2014 is a freemium game, so you always have the option to buy more coins if necessary, but its not a requirement. You can enjoy endless ski time and races for free until your hearts content!





TSR 2014 is great for all ages and is super smooth running. The developers, Azerbo , are known for their Android and iOS games so lets give them a look since their giving us one! You can find TSR 2014 in the Windows Phone Store by tapping  here or on the icon,  



or by scanning the code below.

TSR 2014(5)(2)

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