UnLocked Aussie Variants Of The Lumia 925,Receiving A Maintenance Update!


I’ve been seeing some reports from users this afternoon that there is an update available for the Nokia Lumia 925, unlocked of course. It’s not the largest of updates, it includes about 336 different packages, which seem mainly focused on the Qualcomm chipset, some Main OS features that seem centred around language, camera fixes and drivers. Any more than that at the moment I can not decipher, although you can check out the list of inclusions in screenshots below. I suspect this is just system tweaking, tipsters tell me a couple of niggling although not major issues seem to have been alleviated after the update. The update hasn’t been reported hitting Telstra or Optus branded handsets as yet

Thanks to @rath79 and @paulomalley for letting me bend their ears and the screen shots.

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