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The relationship between Windows Phone and Google has definitely been a rocky one, remember the YouTube app that was and is no more. As such a lot of the WP community has rejected a lot of Google services and moved solely to a Microsoft ecosystem model.

But, and a bit one at that, there’s one Google service that is hard to get away from, that’s YouTube, and without support from the G, there are some good viewing apps, third party developed, that have emerged over the years. There hasn’t really been a complete solution for publishing to the service though. Windows Phone 8.1 has brought us the ability to edit the video that we make on our phones as never before, taking the PC out of the process, getting those videos onto YouTube from there has been a problem though. There’s a heap of stuff you have to do to publish a video, Title, description, category, viewing permissions that you would have to get to a PC and adjust before the job was done once you upload your masterpiece. Upload to YouTube from BC3Tech has finally filled the gap, in a best in class Windows Phone app, that does one thing, allows you to upload and publish a finished product from the phone in one step.


UTYT [upload to YouTube] closely replicates the process of uploading a video, as if you were doing it from a PC, except it all happens in a clean, classic windows phone interface, keeping the bulk of the process n one app screen. Initially, the first time you open the app you are prompted to sign in with your Google account, grant UTYT permission, and you are up and running. It’s really that simple. UTYT uses the new sharing contracts feature to allow you to share your video from any editor, or file browser on the phone with a simple tap on the share charm in said app.

For the purposes of this review I used Nokia Storyteller to create a short video to share, do what you have to do in the video mastering app and hit share


Hit the share link to open the app and go to town. One really impressive thing is that UTYT will process your video into a range of different resolutions up to HD, and do the processing on your phone before it uploads, it takes the mucking about out of posting to YouTube remotely. It lets you set all the basic major features that you need to publish..



So title, video description, public private or invisible, category and keywords. Stabilise the video,[this actually happens after the upload as YouTube processes the video] set auto sound levels and post your new video to your subscribers. It also shows you a preview of what will be the thumb for the video.


Once you are satisfied hit the upload button, and the video will start to process on the phone before starting its journey to the cloud. Sit back and twiddle your thumbs, it will use wi-fi if wi-fi is turned on, and data if data is only available. Something to be aware of if you have a low data cap. There is no warning, or option to wait till you are on wi-fi to do the upload, so be aware.


Either way once the video is uploading, you can monitor it’s progress by hitting the progress button, you can also see your upload history.


There’s no need to watch it though, go on with what you are doing and the app will give you a notification and toast when the upload is finished[both, either, or, depending on your preferences].

One of the most beautiful and intelligent things about UTYT is that there s very little to set up, it’s all done for you, and notifications are handled via the Notification center, it’s made specifically to take advantage of Windows Phone 8.1 [and let’s face it wouldn’t be possible without the added features in the update]. As you can see the quality is quite good, and upload times seem quite good, I did the whole thing on 3G actually and it was quick.


uploaded with Upload to YouTube for Windows Phone


There’s no settings in the app whatsoever and the basic app is free. There are some limitations, if you close the app while transcoding, the upload is aborted. all videos though will upload in the background. The free app only allows for three uploads. but can be unlocked.

Extra features can be enabled via in app purchase, they include add removal, unlimited size downloads and the ability to use voice commands [Cortana I assume].


Overall, it’s a very elegant solution for Windows Phone users to subvert Google’s lack of mobile bipartisanship, by scroogleing them back via their own services.

Again, Upload to YouTube is free, and available for Windows Phone 8.1 users in the store! It’s already really good and it will only get better.

1080 p example
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