Video: All Nokia WP8 Devices On A Plate!


Most of us would never get a chance to get all of Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 devices in one place at the same time, so this is actually a bit of a treat. It’s not often that you could even see the 5, 6, 7, 8 and 920, all in the one place at the same time. I do not think that there is a carrier on the globe that ranges all these phones.

Recombu is not a site that I’m familiar with, but they track and compare products, helping consumers get the best bang for their buck. What I found interesting in the comparison, was tat the 920 stood out as a hold over from Nokia’s WP7 offerings in terms of design. It may have the top of the line features, but the rest of the line has a fresher design ethos. [Argue with me on that if you want!]

Which one’s our favourite? Oddly, the Nokia Lumia 720. Its slender elegance and balance of power sits well in our hand and pocket. It also seems like the design continuation of the seminal Lumia 800, a classic in our eyes.

We probably all have a preferred pick out of the range, I’ve always favoured the 820, for in hand feel and size, of course it’s subjective, and/or marketing driven, depending on where you are. Hands down though, if you are tossing up, this is a comparison you want to see.

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