Vodafone AU HTC 8X, Not Getting GDR2 Update! GDR3 Is Next Update!


How did that advertising campaign go, be alert but not alarmed? As dramatic as the title of this post sounds it is not actually all doom and gloom. Last Thursday, Vodafone in it’s regular weekly update wrap up, a confusing bombshell was dropped.

ScreenShot001 A lot of users read that and wept complained bitterly, but the cause of situation rests squarely with a decision made by HTC to spend more time getting the GDR3 update ready for the 8X, which will of course include all of the GDR2 update features. Vodafone today updated their post to clarify the situation, a reassure us that support for the 8X has not been pulled.

Update: 9th September 2013
Good news for owners of the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. After some concerns were raised by some customers regarding ongoing support for your phone, they got in touch to reassure us.
While the bad news is that you won’t be receiving GDR2, the good news is that you’ll be jumping straight to GDR3.
We’ve now updated the table below to reflect that.
We don’t have any timelines just yet, but you’re already looking in the right place to find out once we do. Keep an eye here each Thursday and as soon as we have more info on GDR3 for your Windows Phone 8X it’ll be here for all to read

We know that unlocked 8X’s received GDR2 back in July, and then a firmware update a little later, because there were some reported performance issues. Just for good measure it is also good to be aware that Telstra had the update for the 8X scheduled for the 7th of August, and it also got pushed back,

I have reached out to Telstra to see if the update situation with them will be the same, but I’m not holding my breath for an answer! This seems to be directly down to HTC though. Whom I have also contacted for some official clarification and as yet have no reply.

On another matter, support for Data Sense on their carrier branded devices in Australia, there is some information direct from HTC,

Hi Peter, it is a carrier requirement in Australia to have Data Sense turned off in our WP8 devices.
For the sake of consistency, HTC have not activated this feature on any of our WP8 variants across the ANZ markets.

So while Microsoft may make the software available, OEMs and carriers have their own requirements that can limit deployment of individual features and major updates. Not sure what this means internationally, especially for the 8X outside of the US.
It’s the major flaw in the system, and it makes me wonder if part of the Microsoft/Nokia deal, is an advantage as it removes one of the major steps in getting updates to consumers?

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