Watch The Kids, With Your Windows Phone!


Say what you will about Windows Phone, it’s missing apps, the hardware doesn’t compete with the latest Android devices, etc, ad infinitum… What the OS does have though is a huge amount of independent, highly motivated developers. Whose passion and skills combined with a bit of engineering, can blow you away.

HTC posted over on their Global Homepage, what is a concept brought to reality, an advanced baby monitor, and advanced is really understating it.

What can you do with a pair of HTC 8X smartphones, a pan/tilt gimble, a WiFi connection and a block of wood?
“Dream big and reach for the crazy projects, actually do the work, write out the schematics, and build it, and be prepared to evaluate the success or failure every step along the way.”

The concept allows one 8X to stream video via WiFi to another 8X, on a rig that responds to audio input. If people doubt the power, usefulness, versatility of the OS this video is something you will want to look at!

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