Ways To Colorfully Display Your Mana On Your WP8


One of the many new features available in Windows Phone 8 centres more around the WinPhanDev but directly benefits all WinPhans. There is an over abundance of battery apps available in the Windows Phone Store now that WinPhanDevs have access to this portion of the phone. I’ve tried them all and found a couple features that really stood out to me as more important than any other. Since most have graphs, these are the 2 things I desired: 1. Stimulating Live Tile 2. Some customization. From a WinPhans feel and not delving into specs, here’s what I found.

Initially, many of the battery apps had pretty limited features as far as its Live Tile was concerned. As time has gone on however, like most apps in regards to WP8, the options are expanding as WinPhanDevs both update existing apps as well as release new ones with far greater functionality to begin with. I’ve tried all sorts and with some degree of error, they all report your phones info about the same. There are a few that a pretty bad, but for the most part I’ve found them all to keep track of your power when in the app, accurately.


This brings me back to limited Live Tile capabilities of battery apps. Instead a drab white icon on a medium sized tile as many started as, in addition to better Live Tile syncing, now there are some that offer the ability to add a little spice to it. Yes it’s a utility function, but if it’s going to be on your Start Screen shouldn’t it be visually striking, beautiful, and informative? That’s my thought at least, those are a couple of things I use to gauge what goes on my Start Screen period, so my battery display should be no different.

Sure I could settle for a standard white icon, but why? Personally I like color! I love how my 920 just seems to take color and make it pop off the display, things like that make me the WinPhan I am! Alright enough rambling. The rest of this will be images with their respective app as well as a link in case you’re interested in getting them. Simply click the apps name above its screenshots and I’ll send you to the Windows Phone Store. Now…to the gallery, eh.










Battery Meter Pro






Battery Tile






Battery Monitor







Battery Status







LockScreen Wigitizer



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