Why Do We Think We Need Instagram? Fhotoroom!



Indeed, it’s not about sensible opinion, it’s about marketing and what the great unwashed throngs expect. Peer pressure, coolness factor, skinny leg jeans, and haircuts from the 60s 70s 80s all mashed together. Us old folks don’t really count!  @auswinphone

Instagram has the backing of Facebook, advertising clout, has been growing in popularity on Android and iOS, and somehow appeals to the “back to the future” of whatever this generation of hipster dufus’ deems to be cool. In other words a huge marketing success, a social platform that you need to be on to be cool. In a way, both of these platforms are essential, as any social media analytics report will tell you, because of how widely they are used. It is true that if you want to market yourself or whatever your product may be, you need to familiarize yourself with them, and use them as well obviously. I do think that there are other platforms to be considered however.

Windows Phone has it’s equivalents, and many the WinPhan has a favourite like Eyeem, or Fhotoroom. So Why are we not supporting those apps more? How come Instagram is portrayed as a deal breaker, defining what tech pundits believe is an app that could launch the OS to a whole new level of popularity? Here at WinPhan we have had much discussion on why.

Fhotoroom Pics

We also have noticed that there is a general feeling that we need to support existing Windows Phone apps that fulfill the same function. One such conversation led to @martibwbear Martha, sharing her WinPhan thoughts with us, and you. First though a bit of background…

I’ll start out with two statements:
Firstly, I’m a WinPhan. Yup, I love my Windows Phone 8 (a Nokia Lumia 920).
Secondly, I write for mobilitydigest.com. It’s an all-things mobile site, and not just phones, not just Windows.

The latter comes into play first. I was checking on my Twitter feed, and saw the tweet post for Murani Lewis’ article, “Windows Phone Users Should Support Fhotoroom.” Murani has a great writing style, and he also has great insights. In this article, he basically says, “Why are you waiting on Instagram, and why do you want it anyway? We have this GREAT program that we should be supporting!”

So I thought to myself, “You know, he’s got a point. WHY do I think I want Instagram?” So I went and got Fhotoroom as soon as I had a second, and it’s really great. It has a TON of edits, filters, you name it, and the pictures come out great. And, of course, our WinPhan friends are all there!

So are we iSheep, taking what we’re TOLD we want? Are we robots, slogging through the mass of good, bad, and ugly, and waiting for second-hand apps?
Or are we WinPhans, happy with the QUALITY of our apps, and blessed that our devs are not only supported by the Powers That Be, but that our devs are passionate, dedicated, responsive, and creative?

So what are you waiting for?! Go get Fhotoroom NOW! It’s free. Let’s Support Our Devs! Start tweeting the heck out of your pictures, and let’s show the Instagrammers that we have a great app too!

Instagram? We don’t need no stinking Instagram!!


That is the true WinPhan attitude, and with the app store just surpassing the 50, 000 mark, there are a huge amount of incredible, high quality apps to choose from. There’s a fine balance though, dedicated Windows Phone users are already convinced about the OS and their phones, and the apps that they use, but there are a certain amount of popular apps on other platforms, not being available on Windows Phone that, being absent from the OS are a turn off.

Instagram has become the Messiah of these apps, and if people cannot find their social religion on Windows Phone it’s not for them.

It’s a fine line, supporting devs that have been supporting us since very early on in the Windows Phone journey, and realising, for the OS to really compete with Apple and Android, we need to see the top fifty apps from both OS’s come to Windows Phone.


I do not need no stinking Instagram, but a lot of people define themselves, their popularity, coolness, street cred with apps like this. Thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Why Do We Think We Need Instagram? Fhotoroom!

  1. Excellent piece! Great points by both you and Martha! I agree Instagram is necessary for our OS’s success and that’s ok, I do know that even when that day arrives, I’ll keep supporting our AWESOME WinPhanDevs and use the likes of Fhotoroom! Thank you Martha for your contribution!!!

  2. Cheers Sean, a conglomeration of all the WInPhan thoughts we have talked about.
    Marti is correct though, whether we have Instagram or not, we need to get on board with or Windows Phone apps which are as good or better than a lot of apps on other platforms

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