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Whether it’s the new Edge browser, Cortana integration, Continuum, or the Universal App platform, Windows 10 is a huge step for Microsoft.

Each day for the next week, we’ll be sharing how Microsoft’s latest OS impacts consumers, business owners, IT staff, Microsoft enthusiasts, and even people outside of the Microsoft fanbase.

Anyone who wants to participate can use #Win10Means in their posts, and then contribute something that Windows 10 brings to the table. If we like the idea, we’ll feature it in a post of ours and attribute the suggestion to you! We are also looking into ways of getting more coverage for this event. We are already in talks with a public relations agency nyc to see if we can work with them in order to garner more attention!

We’ll be looking at Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s a little harder to track it on Facebook, so please post to the WinPhan timeline to submit entries there!

In order to be pithy, we suggest using the “Windows 10 means” phrase with a single word following. For example, “Windows 10 means familiar” or “Windows 10 means Continuum.” If you don’t distill your idea down to one word, we might pick one for you. 🙂

You all are very creative and the WinPhan community always comes up with great stuff. So share away!

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