Windows 10 Mobile, Build 10080 Available, More Phones and More Apps!

Overnight Microsoft has released another update for it’s Windows 10 Technical Preview for Mobile.Take note of that name, through a circuitous route, we have landed again back in the mobile realm with Windows 10. This version accessible by more phones, the Lumia 930/Icon, the Lumia 640 and 640XL, and the first non Lumia device, the HTC One M8. Remember, this is a tech preview, and as such there is a long list of known bugs published by Microsoft to accompany the announcement. Also Office suite has been added back into the mix, we have seen it previewed, but now the apps are available to try. “Office suite” is not really the correct description, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote are now all stand alone universal apps. There’s also a new Store Beta, Music, Video and X-Box apps to test. The one thing you will not find is that all of the apps are installed as part of the core system upgrade. You will need to go into the store beta and install all of these individually.

There’s also a few noticeable settings changes, some aesthetic, and some superseding windows phone 8.1 elements. Already leaked were the transparency slider for the home/start screen, and the addition of more accent colours, coming to a total of 48 variations.



There’s also some changes in settings, things working now that didn’t work before, like Glance screen. Also while Data Sense is still in the apps list, going into settings we find data usage, which does everything Data Sense did before. Data Sense has not been working in the last two builds. Internet sharing has become Mobile Hotspot. There is still issues with scaling throughout the settings, general OS and apps, which is quite disconcerting to the eye.


The biggest issue at this point seems to be lack of consistency across installs. Just following through forum and Twitter chatter, there are lots of issues coming up. From phones bricking, features not working, etc etc, ad infinitum. Again people need to be reminded that this is a technical preview, and probably not something that you want to install on your everyday phone.

List of known bugs from Microsoft:

We’re aware of several migration issues after upgrading to this build.

  • After upgrading, you may see duplicate tiles for apps like Search and Phone under All Apps.
  • “Pending” may show under some apps after upgrade and those apps are unresponsive. Restarting the phone will clear the pending flag and the apps should work.
  • All data and settings for apps installed on a SD card do not get migrated and you cannot launch these apps or install them again. Workaround is to uninstall then reinstall these apps.
  • The old email app will still show up after upgrade in All Apps list with “Error” text displayed and cannot be removed. This app also shows up banged out on the Start screen if it was pinned previously. It can simply be unpinned to remove.

When upgrading from Windows Phone 8.1 to this build, even if you have your cellular data connection turned on, it will get turned off during upgrade. Go to Settings > Network & wireless > Cellular and SIM to turn it back on.

VERY IMPORTANT: there is a condition in which you may never receive MMS messages. Usually when someone sends you a MMS message and your phone’s cellular data connection is turned off, you will receive a “Get message” link in the text thread from the sender, allowing you to download the message once you turn your cellular data back on. There is a bug in which this link is not received in this case and the MMS message is completely lost. To ensure MMS messages are not lost, be sure to turn cellular data on (via Settings > Network & wireless > Cellular & SIM > Data connection). This issue will occur any time your cellular data connection is turned off in this build.

If you are in a region where Cortana is enabled (US, China, UK, France, Italy, Germany, or Spain) and you have changed the default shipping language on your phone – please ensure that your region, language, and speech settings are restored to their default values before initiating the update. This is required in order to avoid a bug that will cause Cortana/Search to repeatedly crash.

After upgrade, uninstalling an app may not remove it from the All Apps list. Usually restarting your device resolves this issue.

Playback of movies and TV may fail with error 0x8004c029 in the Video Preview app. If it does, go here to learn more about how to fix it.

After upgrading, the Twitter app may crash on launch. If you uninstall and reinstall the app, it should work.

Auto-update for apps is not enabled in this build for apps installed via Store Beta. You will have to manually check for updates.

After upgrading from Build 10052, the Insider Hub still does not launch. However, if you upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1 the Insider Hub should now launch.

One other thing, release dates, both for future previews and a completed build?

It’s also worth briefly talking about timing for releasing Windows 10 for phones. Last month, we announced that Windows 10 for PCs would be launching this summer. At the Build conference a few weeks ago, Joe Belfiore spoke to a group of press and elaborated a bit more on timing for other devices including phones. Because we’re treating Windows more like a service, this allows us to release Windows 10 on different devices and customers at different times. For phones, Windows 10 will arrive later this year – both on new devices and also upgrades for existing Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Even though Windows 10 will be arriving for phones later than it does for PCs, the underlying OS code is still the same.

“Sometime this Summer” or winter in the antipodes, later in the year, phones and PC releases at different times, as well as new hardware. Microsoft is trying to soften the expectations of consumers, as to when we might see Windows 10 Mobile finished and rolling out, not to mention Windows 10 for other devices.

Again, I would not be putting this on a phone that I wanted to be my daily driver, although this build is a little better than the last as far as general phone functionality goes, for me. If you’re interested you can sign up for the Insider Program Here.

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