Windows Phone 7.8 Update, The Wait!

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Windows Phone 7.8 started rolling out locally, back in February, but there’s been some issues. If you didn’t get in quick for the update, the wait has now been extended indefinitely. Now the problem seems to be two pronged, live tiles consuming huge amounts of data when updating, initiating an endless loop which causes huge data use, and or live tiles freezing, not actually working at all.

While this is true for my region of the world, it is actually world wide. 7.8 was supposed to be some sort of tide over update for people that couldn’t, wouldn’t, were locked into contracts, it has definitely been posited many times that it was a stop gap. The fact that there are problems with the OS update now, really does not inspire.

WPCentral is reporting that Microsoft has now acknowledged the issue, via the MSDN forums, and the fix, another OS update, and we thought 7.8 would be the last! [sarcasm intended]. What though does this mean for Aussies though? Well at least Telstra has updated their site to let us know. In the most recent updates digest at the Crowd Support forums, the message is, as of the first of March.



Microsoft has identified a minor issue in the Windows Phone 7.8 update and has temporarily paused delivery until it’s addressed.  We’ll have more information as it becomes available

Information suggests that it will take a full OS update to fix the problem, not just a simple patch, so a time frame would be hard to predict. Now I don’t know how widespread the issue is, although prominent enough to get a reaction. I have two phones running 7.8 and have not seen the issues, so, I’m wondering if it may be centred on a particular OEM. Either way if you are experiencing something similar, there is a fix on the way. If you are having these problems there is hope, timing may mean you update before the fix is delivered though.


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