Windows Phone 8.1, Are You Getting The Message?


Just in case you have been on an Antarctic expedition, been struck deaf dumb and blind in the last month, or taken on some great spiritual belief that has lead you to seek solace in a life of solitude and isolation, proverbially “living  under a rock”,  you might have just gotten a hint that Windows Phone 8.1 is about to be released officially into the wild at Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference.

Since the SDK leaked we have seen all sorts of goodies leaked, and there’s actually a really long list of changes coming that have been well documented now, in screenshots and video, and if you want to catch up on almost all of the features, there’s an app called WP 8.1 Preview, that rounds up a lot of the features and videos all in a neat package.

It seems all caution has been thrown to the wind at this point though, with apps on the store appearing with Windows Phone 8.1 compatibility, and an update for Glance today, having as its only changelog item,

Support for Windows Phone 8.1


Obviously the need for secrecy has definitely gone by the wayside now, and thanks to the Preview For Developers program, a lot of us will be updating very soon, the race then will be I suppose, for OEMs to push out firmware in a timely manner to keep phones running smoothly, and carrier ROMS to be approved at there usual drawn out pace.

If you haven’t been able to keep up with all the changes that are expected, have a look at the comprehensive list compiled by WinPhan Jason Ward on his own blog,

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