Windows Phone Dev Preview Gets Another Little Bump!


With Windows Phone 8.1’s release looming, hopefully sometime officially near the end of this month it is encouraging to see the developer preview receive another update, if not small today. The update only totalled a download of approximately 21 Mb, so it wasn’t huge, and without a  detailed change log it is a struggle to find the changes. It really was a small bump, from 8.10.12382.879 to 12393.890.

The one thing that I have noticed is that the changed text selector/cursor, the caret, seems a little more responsive, I was having trouble picking it up prior to this, and now it works the way I expect it to. Obviously, there must be other bug fixes, and tweaks, but they are much more subtle.

You know the drill, if you haven’t seen an update notification yet, go to settings / updates / and check for updates!

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