Windows Phone Enthusiast? Free Extra 20 Gb of SkyDrive For a Year!


What a lovely gift to highlight the Christmas period for Windows Phone users, with a lovely email from Microsoft offering a free storage upgrade of twenty Gb for your SkyDrive account. You’ll notice in the screenshot above it says “Enthusiast Bonus”, so not sure what period of Windows Phone usage qualifies you for the free space, but if you are a recent user it certainly boosts the original 7 Gb that you got when you first signed up. Take not that the free 20 Gb is only good for a year, so you will either have to sign up for a plan if you fill it, or empty it if you do not want to carry on with it. Well that is the assumption at this point anyway. If you have already received your email you have until the 31st of January to redeem the offer, although some users online are reporting that they just logged into their accounts and it was already applied. Did you get the email?


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