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Any advertising, promotion for Windows Phone is very welcome in my opinion. Microsoft Australia and local carrier Telstra have set up a way for consumers to experience Windows Phone, if only in a third party way. Telstra’s major store in Melbourne is where this Windows Phone cave, enclave is located, but unless you ask you are very likely to miss it. It is located on the first floor where you usually have to go to deal with billing issues, an unlikely/unwelcome port of call.


It is a rather clever display though with the ability o create a simulation of what an individuals particular device/home screen would look like.


The core of the experience involves a touch screen PC, running a custom program that lets you input your details, name, email, take a headshot of your self. Add your areas of interest, social, technology, news etc, collates it all and then projects it onto a large simulation of a Windows Phone home screen.


Live tiles and everything, but at this point, standing at the input panel, it’s a little overwhelming, the lighting changes colour on a cycle, from blue to green to yellow to red, and it is actually very hard to focus. The attendant in Microsoft blue, was less than informative and welcoming, and actually wandered off to look out the window while I was there [and I was the only person there].

While the display was great, it just needs a Windows Phone enthusiast, a WinPhan to really top it off, some one that will sell the OS. The display itself will not sell Windows Phone, some passion needs to be injected. While definitely a positive step in marketing the OS, and it definitely gets a thumbs up from me, it’s time to go the extra mile.

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