Windows Phone Rooms Support Ending June 2015!

If you didn’t use rooms on your Windows Phone, it was essentially a great way to create active groups of people that you could share with all at once. This included documents, notes, photos, video, calendars and live chat. A very useful tool built into the OS. Previously, Microsoft had let us know that the feature would be scrapped, in March 2015. Well it looks lie they have given us a little bit of leeway, with the support end date now being June this year


You may previously have received an email from Windows Phone or seen news about the rooms feature for Windows Phone being discontinued soon. While we decided to keep it around a little longer than we’d originally planned, support for rooms will end in June 2015. Once support ends, you’ll still be able to view and use your room photo albums, calendars and notes – but you will no longer be able to create new rooms or have access to chats.

A great feature somewhat crippled by the lack of popularity of Windows Phone with the mainstream mobile community, it’s a shame that it was never given cross platform consideration by Microsoft. Particularly in the light of the swathe of MS services now available on iOS and Android.


All of your shared info will remain accessible, but there will be differences between Windows Phone 8.xx, and if you upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. All of your existing rooms will remain on your Windows Phone 8.xx device, but you will not be able to create new rooms after June 2015. If you are on Win 10 Mobile, technical preview, or once it is released to consumers, rooms, existing or new will not be available at all.

Note: If you have important info in your room chats that you want to keep, you should save a copy somewhere else before updating your phone beyond Windows Phone 8.1.

To see room content using apps on your phone:

  • Photos – You’ll find your photos and videos in the OneDrive app in a folder with same name as the room.
  • Calendar – Go to the Calendar app to see your room calendar.
  • Notes – Your room notes are in the OneNote app, in a notebook with the same name as the room.

To see room content on the web:

  • Sign into with the same Microsoft account you use on your phone. You’ll find your content there, in folders with the same name as your room.
  • Or just use these direct links to get to your:
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