#WinPhan Community Favorite Ertay Shashko’s Tile Me! App Promo Video

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Taking the Windows Phone and WinPhan community by storm over the past month was WinPhan and WinPhanDev Ertay Shashko with his app, Tile Me!. As most of you know his app allows you to quickly and easily create custom “Me” tiles, save them to your phone or Skydrive, then share and use them as profile pics on your favorite social networks. This is not an app review however, recently Ertay made a promo video for his WinPhanTastic app and we’d like to share it with you!

Without further ado, Ertay Shashko and Tile Me! For Windows Phone…

Ertay is planning more exciting features and wanted me to convey to everyone that he encourages you to leave feedback! He’s motivated and an absolute pleasure, if your not yet, you can follow his personal Twitter @ErtaySh or follow the apps progress by following @TileMeApp also on Twitter.


If you haven’t tried this awesome must have WinPhan app, you can find it in the Windows Phone Store. It’s available for WP 7.x and 8, you can download the free version right here, or get the full feature version for .99 here!!


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