#WinPhan Communities By Region

WinPhan is a growing movement, real people that love Windows Phone, beyond the tech pundit reviews and criticisms. Users that are users because, a lot of the time they don’t know why, it just feels right. They have insights and tips to maximise the OS for everyday life, and It’s a Global Movement. This is a growing list of WinPhan communities with links to their Twitter and/or Facebook accounts.


The WinPhan On Facebookwinphan
WinPhan DACH On Facebook
WinPhan Italy On Facebook388861_473759245991648_584116955_n
WinPhan UK On Facebook599674_480746791939785_411734804_a
WinPhan India On Facebook525161_547515165282863_130744281_n
WinPhan East Africa On Facebook47833_558388340840535_1387669294_a
WinPhan Australia On Facebookwinphan_au_map
WinPhan Philippines On Facebook269373_403530376349098_698559367_a
WinPhan Texas On Facebooktexas
WinPhan Austria On FacebookWinPhan Austria Picture
WinPhanDev On Facebook



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