WinPhan Phocus: Jim Ireland!

We think that each one of you is special and unique as a WinPhan and we want to bring attention and gratitude to each and every one of you for all that you do for our WinPhan community! Thanks for taking the time to share something about yourself to other WinPhans out there and thank you for your continued support! ^The WinPhan

Before your answer the questions below…

* Can you start by introducing yourself (be sure to include your Twitter handle) and telling the WinPhan community something about you?

I’m @jimboireland on Twitter,

Nokia fan from the Nokia 5110,ever since this phone released i have had or owned every make and model available in the Irish market since,always been into phones since I was aged 20 or so when I started working for a telecoms group where I managed a team of 15 people, this was the mobile phone took off in Ireland in a big way and I had to manage calls and teams to do cold calling and company calls to sell contracts.

Nokia forum supporter some 7 years now ranked 5 in the world on Nokia support discussions where I continue to help out today alongside local forums too where I am top man, to me support is vital.

Phone collector, some 140 Nokia models in my possession now including all Nokia Lumias for our market.

Are you an accidental WinPhan or was it a conscious choice? When did you fall in love and what was it that made you realize you had been swept up in the WinPhandemonium?

I was not always a Windows Phone fan, Windows Phone was on sale for a year and there was no Nokia phones with the platform, this is probably why.

Then the 800 came along, so I said hmm, OK, I will take a look, took me a few months to actually get to like the platform due to its restrictions, having moved from Symbian to Android and then to WP.

I have not looked back since I got hooked and it’s really that simple.

What Windows Phones have you owned thus far?

I own all Nokia Lumia devices, the 610,710,800,520,620,625,720,820,900,920,925,1020,1320,1520. It wont stop there either.

The 1020 is the best one alongside the 1520 they stand out from the crowd, make a statement so to speak.

Have you fully bought into Microsoft’s ecosystem or are you still reliant upon other services like Google? Do you think Microsoft is headed in the right direction? More importantly, do you feel as though they value you as Windows Phone owner, why or why not?

I have fully bought into the Microsoft system but still use others, due to being a blogger and to see what’s on offer purely out of interest.. I like to be kept in the loop about what’s going on…

Windows phone needs to interact and help its users and bloggers, bloggers are a backbone to the community.

With the ever-increasing quality of the cameras onboard our Windows Phones, has it turned you into a picture-taking fiend? What advice do you have to take better pics and editing them in your WinPhan experience? If it wasn’t the camera, what feature about your WP changed the way view or think about technology?

I have never had a standalone camera and never will, no need for it, I’m an on the go person and the less I carry the better, my phone has it all, I have become prone to taking more pics due to the quality of the cameras and the apps we have to enhance already great photos.

The OS is fast and fluid so all in all for me my phone has everything, the 1520 serves also as a phablet so I have ditched my tablets and now carry one device..

As a WinPhan we’re all busy trying to bring recognition to WP. tell us about one of the times you got through and made a convert story of your own! What do you think is the best way to market WP? How do you pitch it to your Android and iPhone owning friends?

I convert people weekly, I’m in the trade, I show them what WP can offer the user, I show them the advantages over Android and iOS. My demo skills would play an important factor plus the trust the people I deal with have in me. Plus the support I offer daily should anyone have a problem, there is nothing I can’t solve.

WP could be marketed better in Ireland, be it funding or small market share the potential is there, the awareness is not. Also a factor, is other players buying into networks, if they can do it why can’t Microsoft?

Final thoughts about Windows Phone: Please add your final thoughts about Windows Phone, the direction you think it is taking, its ability to succeed in what most people think is a two hose race. Will it stay or become more competitive as time goes on or is it a niche market for WinPhans?

Windows Phone could be bigger, it all depends on MS and support with 8.1 due soon{out since this was written}. In Many things WP lags behind, in some respect it does due to promotion and advertising. We as a WinPhan community make a difference, we make Windows Phone more visible. This is vital, it can grow and will grow if MS and WinPhans unite, nothing is impossible…

Windows Phone can and will grow bigger, gain market share if all this happens. Another thing that needs to be looked at is exclusivity deals, this also has an effect in some regions, maybe not all but is a contributing factor to slowing down the process of growth..

Thanks Jim for taking the time to visit with us, we appreciate it greatly Smile

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