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We’re back with another edition of WinPhan Phocus, our focus on the wonderful people who make the #WinPhan Community…what it is! We’re honoring Windows 10 by asking 10 questions…kinda like a “hot seat” or “rapid fire” session. I love to share your stories as inspiration for us all, so let’s get going! She’s written for Glance and Go about Windows Phone, is an incredible supporter/community member, always on point, and just a downright Microsoft Advocate. It makes me proud to have Marti Meyers as our guest!


1(a).Tell us a little about yourself and what makes you a #WinPhan?

Having grown up from MSDOS on, I know how to “think MS” so I can find things more easily than not. Even through Vista, 7, and 8 I’ve never had problems. What I love about the current MS is how much they listen to their users and developers, not just their stockholders. Looking back, they’ve been so far ahead sometimes that they were simply way ahead of the consumer market.
For Windows Phone, I had a Palm Treo. When it gave up the ghost, I got an AT&T branded Fuze. When that died, I was about ready to go all-in with Google, then WP7 was announced, and I decided to wait. I got the HTC Surround on Day 1 and never looked back!

1(b). Which of the following best describes you:

  • Social Networker
  • Gamer
  • Handyman
  • Writer
  • Photographer
  • Enjoy Music
  • Prefer TV/Movie/Video
  • Outdoorsy Type
  • Into/Fitness
  • Developer/Programmer

Social Networker, Gamer, Enjoy Music


2. Which Windows Phone devices have you owned?

HTC Surround, Lumia 920, Lumia 1520, Lumia 635.


3. Which version of Windows Phone has been your favorite?

I still love 8.1, but playing a little with the 10 preview is pretty fun!


4. Which do you prefer, a flashy Starscreen or utilitarian Startscreen?



5. How often do you rearrange your Starscreen?




6. What keeps you in the Microsoft ecosystem?

Habit (MS), Price (Apple), Support (Android). I’m real excited about Universal Apps, Continuum. I think they’re on the right track! Also their openness and willingness to get our feedback, and being helpful to developers.


7. What are your thoughts on Microsoft attempting to be “cool” again?

Cool is transitory – keep doing what you’re doing and the cool will come to you!


8. How many apps do you have installed currently?

uhh…probably too many.


9. What is your favorite app currently, why?

Just one?!? Actually, my current favorite is a feature: pinning websites. It’s so useful for my ASL classes, since we don’t have any sign dictionary apps, to be able to pin sites like and to my Start Screen so I can look up words at any time.


10. What feature about Windows Phone do you find to be indispensible, why?

The dedicated camera button! It’s probably really silly, since people are becoming so used to just tapping a screen, but I still like having the button.
I also use Quiet Hours for my class. I don’t have to remember to turn it off!


Absolutely loving these answers! I’ve got no doubt in my mind, Marti is 100% #WinPhan! I’d like to give a big thank you to Marti for sharing her story with us on the #WinPhan Phocus in addition to her continual support and positivity on Twitter. You can connect with Marti, aka @MartiBWBear, right HERE on Twitter or right HERE on Instagram. You can also hear and learn more about Marti in her guest appearance on Glance and Go Podcast here!
We’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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