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We feel as though each one of you is special and unique as a WinPhan and we want to bring attention and gratitude to each and every one of you for all that you do for our WinPhan community! This is our attempt to give something back to each of you! This week we are offering a WinPhan salute to Simon Tony Haslwanter…simon

Thanks for taking the time to share something about yourself to other WinPhans out there and thank you all for your continued support!

Can you start by introducing yourself (be sure to include your Twitter handle) and telling the WinPhan community something about you?

My Name is Simon Tony Haslwanter, well actually Simon Haslwanter. Tony is just a Nickname, which my friends gave me but that’s another story. I really fell in Love with this WinPhan Community and everything, which belongs to it. The huge Twitter Community of WinPhans has nice people in it and everybody is helpful friendly and helps you out in every situation depending on Windows Phone, Windows 8 or other things. I’m trying my best to get this a really big thing so as everybody who is a member of the WinPhan Movement tries. Currently I’m keeping the WinPhan DACH Facebook Page up to date and as a side project I’m working on a WinPhan DACH Webpage which will be something like a little brother of the global WinPhan Page – – and I hope it will be ready soon to make it public. I’ll also want to enter the App development for Windows Phone/Windows 8 as soon as I find time for it.

If you’re interested in this and have any questions, feel free to contact me. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Maybe it’s not the best to have a Google Account when using Windows Phone, I’m also trying to prevent using Google Services, I use Bing, Windows 8, Nokia Maps etc., but I think it’s also important to provide a WinPhan Community also on Google+ so that people get convinced also there.
Twitter: @SimonHaslwanter
Google+: Simon Tony Haslwanter Simon-Haslwanter

1. Are you an accidental WinPhan or was it a conscious choice? When did you fall in love and what was it that made you realize you had been swept up in the WinPhandemonium?

I am pretty young, if you count my WinPhan years, my first Windows Phone was a NOKIA Lumia 800 in black and I’ve got it about one and a half years ago.
Am I an accidental WinPhan or was it conscious hmm well it was conscious, I wanted a Windows Phone but it was accidental, that I have got myself one of these awesome Nokia devices. Actually, this is a funny story, I really wanted the HTC HD7 cause of its enormous camera backside haha, but a good friend told me that I should go for the NOKIA device so I took the 800. I was really fascinated by this Nokia device with Carl Zeiss Optics, it was a really stable and awesome phone.
About 2 Months ago I went for the Nokia Lumia 920 also in black which I’m really fascinated of. It’s not only the device, It’s the fusion of Windows Phone and the really great design which Nokia provides. I’ll stick to Nokia as long as they provide Smartphones with Windows Phone, if they change their mind and switch to Android (I don’t think that this will happen in the next 20.000 Years) I will also switch but to a Windows Phone of HTC.

2. What Windows Phones have you owned thus far? Aside from your current device, which others have captured your attention and why? Are you smitten with a particular OEM? What do you hope to see from Windows Phone in the near future?

As I already mentioned, I only had the Nokia Lumia 800 and 920 so far, but isn’t that a good sign if I only use two devices and with the first I fall in love with Windows Phone so hard, that I really want to help to make the WinPhan Movement even bigger!? Well, yes I think so it’s a good sign I’m not sure if this happens with Android or iOS users so fast.
I love this Idea of the Live Tiles, which was invented by Microsoft, but it’s also the simplicity, the minimalism and the fluent work, which is possible with a Windows Phone. I think WP isn’t only the OS which you can customize the most, it’s also the most social OS which keeps you up to date on several social networks out there.
The OS is one thing, which convinced me for it, but also the Hardware is important if you buy a smartphone and according to my opinion, nobody has so beautifully designed smartphones like Windows Phone it has with the new HTC and the old/new Nokia devices.

3. Have you fully bought into Microsoft’s ecosystem or are you still reliant upon other services like Google? Do you think Microsoft is headed in the right direction? More importantly, do you feel as though they value you as Windows Phone owner, why or why not?

The simplest answer would be just a proud YES. Currently I’m using Windows 8 PRO, Windows Phone 8, Bing Desktop/Search,, Microsoft Office 2013, SkyDrive,, Skype, Internet Explore 10 etc. this list could be endless. There are only two things which I’m still using and and that are YouTube and Google+. But I think Microsoft is definitely heading in the right direction. Their services are awesome connected, I mean I can control my Windows 8 PC, the Xbox of my Brother, hopefully soon my Surface PRO also with just one device, my Windows Phone. And that’s not all I have excess to SkyDrive from everywhere, also my contacts, If I buy a new Windows Phone I just log into my Microsoft Account and tadaa all my contacts are already here !

4. With the ever increasing quality of the cameras on-board our Windows Phones, has it turned you into a picture taking fiend? What advice do you have to taking better pics and editing them in your WinPhan experience? If it wasn’t the camera, what feature about your WP changed the way view or think about technology?

Currently I’m using as you already know a Nokia Lumia 920 and this is the Smartphone with the best camera, but I don’t want to restrict this phone only to it’s camera. There is this awesome screen which you can control with nearly everything and the PureMotionHD display, the MonsterPurityHD Headset from Nokia, Wireless Charging…….. It’s just a composition of awesome Hardware parts which Google is copying with their Nexus, Samsung is copying with their ugly Galaxy Series, Nokia really made an gigantic big step with their technology and I hope that they will keep that up.

5. As a WinPhan we’re all busy trying to bring recognition to WP. Tell us about one of the times you got through and made a convert story of your own! What do you think is the best way to market WP? How do you pitch it to your Android and iPhone owning friends?

I can recognize a situation, in which I have got to know a new person, he added me on Facebook and however, one day we wanted to meet and he asked me: “Should I give you my phone number?” and I told him, my Windows Phone synchronizes all contacts with Twitter, Facebook and Co. Bro, I already have your Phone Number, your e-mail, address and a nice pic of you in my contacts, he was fascinated. It’s also when he is pulling out his smartphone cause he wants to analyse a good song with Shazam or whatever I just start Bing, takes about 2 seconds, and I have the name of the song before everybody else. I mean there is just so much build in, in the OS, so that you can do even without a single app a lot more that someone who has got an Android device, but doesn’t get the latest updates and can’t use the latest services. Now this Friend follows the WinPhan Global Facebook page and wants to get a Windows Phone as his next device, he is switching from an iPhone 4S.

Final thoughts about Windows Phone:

I think there is nothing more to say, except that I will never change my Smartphone OS again, I’ll stay in the Microsoft ecosystem, it’s social, well synchronised, simple, fluent and fast. If anybody gets the chance to try it, and I mean a real try give the OS a chance, he really should do it!
Cheers Simon Haslwanter, a proud #WinPhan.

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