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We feel as though each one of you is special and unique as a WinPhan and we want to bring attention and gratitude to each and every one of you for all that you do for our WinPhan community! This is our attempt to give something back to each of you! Each week we will highlight a WinPhan or 2 with an article with their answer to 5 questions. This week, because whether you know it or not, she has been as pivotal in WinPhan’s success as anyone…I introduce to you my wife: WinPhanWife1

· Can you start by introducing yourself (be sure to include your Twitter handle) and telling the WinPhan community something about you?

“My name is Mysti and my Twitter handle is: WinPhanWife1. Thanks to ALL the GREAT social networks you can find me on Facebook, Foursquare, Linked In, Pinterest, PhotoPlay, and yes Instagram!”

“So in a real little nutshell I just told you a little about myself, I’m a networker! I am also a techie nerd, love geek life, read, love music, cooking/baking, volunteering, getting involved in our WinPhan Community, write for, love SuperMan, totally into terrible B-Rate Disaster Movies, and above all else I’m a wife and mother. Oh, forgot sarcastic, funny, amusing, and on, and on…lol ;)”



1. Are you an accidental WinPhan or was it a conscious choice? When did you fall in love and what was it that made you realize you had been swept up in the WinPhandemonium?

Well, I think in some way most people are “accidental WinPhans”. With the push at every cellular store being iPhone, Android, and even Blackberry…You almost have to battle the sales rep on even looking at a Windows Phone. I was one of those, and yes it was a conscious choice!


My 1st Windows phone purchase was just like that. I was told how terrible the OEM was and that I would be better off with a Blackberry for my work functions. Well as much as I liked the idea of Windows Mobile (and frankly back then we didn’t know any better) I relied on the sales rep believing they are trained and would know better. So I got the Blackberry. Eventually, my husband and I both got Touch Pro 2’s(Windows Mobile), although we didn’t use them much. Months later WP emerged, my husband and I were reeling over the release of Windows Phone, unavailable on our carrier. The concept was intriguing! This was the 1st time my husband showed interest in the newly marketed smart phone. Though he played with my BlackBerry he didn’t much care for it and the TP2 wasn’t inspiring. The day WP became available on our carrier we returned to the store and without further ado, bought not one Windows Phone but TWO…OUTRIGHT! One for each of us! We didn’t even get out of the parking lot before playing with it! Essentially my Blackberry and WM got SMOKED BY WINDOWS PHONE!


2. What Windows Phones have you owned thus far? Aside from your current device, which others have captured your attention and why? Are you smitten with a particular OEM? What do you hope to see from Windows Phone in the near future?


I own (still have them all) HTC Touch Pro 2 (Windows Mobile), HTC 7 Pro, HTC Titan, Nokia Lumia 900, and Nokia Lumia 920.


Frankly this is a difficult question. Why? Because I liked the size of the Titan but the changeover to Metro or Modern feel/look of the Nokia Lumia 900 was AWESOME! That and Nokia makes a DAMN GOOD PHONE! I have tried several OEM’s out there and my #1 FAVORITE HANDS-DOWN is NOKIA! The partnership between Nokia & Windows Phone made a BEAUTIFUL MARRIAGE! The constant attention to updates, the durability of the device, the apps available by Nokia, the camera, the fact they both communicate well with each other has giving us the Ward & June Cleaver of phones! A marriage made in-heaven!

My “hope” for Windows Phone future is simple: To stay in such GREAT communication & relationship with Nokia. Conversely to keep doing what they’re doing on their progressive path and never stop fighting for what they believe in…a beautiful, functional, reliable, creative, user-friendly, smartphone!


3. Have you fully bought into Microsoft’s ecosystem or are you still reliant upon other services like Google? Do you think Microsoft is headed in the right direction? More importantly, do you feel as though they value you as Windows Phone owner, why or why not?


Not only am I “fully” reliant on Microsoft’s ecosystem, I removed ALL secondary back-up services from all my devices.

I DO believe Microsoft is not only heading in the right direction but they are doing it with MORALS and a CONSCIOUS! That is why they are and will continue to flourish and be successful in this venture!

I most certainly feel they value me as well as Nokia! I say that with poignant meaning. Their statement “Windows Phone, put people first” isn’t just a fluff statement. Call their customer service, and test the statement out for yourself. It was one of the single BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCES WE’VE EVER HAD! The tangible fact that the OEM is the MOST personalized phone experience on the market tells me they’re statement “Windows Phone, it’s not for ALL of US it’s for EACH of US!


4. With the ever increasing quality of the cameras onboard our Windows Phones, has it turned you into a picture taking fiend? What advice do you have to taking better pics and editing them in your WinPhan experience? If it wasn’t the camera, what feature about your WP changed the way you view or think about technology?

If you ask my husband he would tell you I was the annoying person pulling over to take a picture on any given day. I was mostly disappointed when the picture wouldn’t come out as I had seen it. NOW, with my Nokia Lumia 920 I take an overabundance of breath taking pictures (umpteen more than before). Now, I regularly have to transfer to the cloud or my PC.

My advice for taking better pictures is to simply “use the settings!” There are so many options for moving pictures (setting: SPORT) or in a gymnasium taking pictures of your kid getting an award (setting: LOW LIGHT), etc. There of course are endless APPS to download that can MAXIMIZE your camera experience, like editors or example. I like AVIARY PHONE EDITOR, FOTOR, FANTASIA PAINTER, SENSE THE COLOR, and NOKIA GLAM ME to name a few.


Beyond the obvious, I fell in love with Windows Phone due to the simplicity! THERE IS NO OTHER PHONE that is as seamless! Not only does my phone come with Office applications (free), but ALL MY DEVICES LINK without a crazy amount of effort. My Windows Phone links with my X-Box 360, my Laptop, and my Surface. It’s crazy! Crazy GOOD! I didn’t know technology could be so efficient, often it can feel like the opposite. Microsoft has found a way to be not only efficient, but personalized. The literal icing on the cake!



5. As a WinPhan we’re all busy trying to bring recognition to WP. Tell us about one of the times you got through and made a convert story of your own! What do you think is the best way to market WP? How do you pitch it to your Android and iPhone owning friends?


My boss use to be a Microsoft user and a curious Windows Mobile (back in the day) appreciator. Somewhere along the line she turned to the dark side and switched to iphone and brought in an Apple computer into work. Needless to say when I started there I wasn’t happy to use i-anything.

But I then knew I had a mission, a mission to convert this lady back to seeing the light! Over a few months I would intercept techy conversations she would have with friends. I became the “Mrs. Know-it-all” of tech. PROUDLY, I wore that title! When she would have issues with her iPhone and no one could fix it I would chime in “well you know a Windows Phone wouldn’t have such elementary issues”, knowing I would get the look I trekked on anyway.

I later placed “i heart windows phone” bumper stickers on her station (she’s a hair dresser) and on the cash register. I also placed a few magnets around. Boy did she LOVE my new decorations (had to be there..Memorable). She became more enthralled with my phone. She and her nephew, also an iPhone owner, began asking a plethora of questions and showing real interest.

I continued to show off features like Kid’s Corner as her child downloads apps on the iPad but it’s not censored. This is an issue for most parents. She LOVED the ability to block her child out of the not appropriate and even out of her personal side. (SCORE 1 for WP)

To my surprise one day when we were out at a mall (yes, like close friends) she told me begrudgingly “Ok Mysti, find me an AT&T Store” without further ado I directed her to the store and not only did she get 1-Nokia Lumia 920 but two of them, the other for her nephew.



The Nokia Lumia 920 is so easy to sell, it practically sells itself! For any other OEM iPhone, Android, Blackberry, all I have to do is show them my phone, swipe up my screensaver and unveil my Start Screen and all the LIVE TILES and it’s like glitter to a fly! Then it just human curiosity that take over, and they begin asking fifty-million-hundred questions! They really pay attention to my phone when I point out, “You get MORE for you money with a REAL SMARTPHONE!” “Buy a real SMARTPHONE, one that is smart for you. Not a SMART person trying to outsmart a dumb phone!”

Final thoughts about Windows Phone:

In all my usage of devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) I have NEVER come across such innovative device. The almost ridiculous rate of updating is almost unheard of. The money invested in a Windows Phone is sound, and it really gives you not only a bang for your buck but a solid R.O.I. There shall NEVER be another devices in my hands other than a Windows Phone!


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Proud husband, father, and Windows Phone Evangelist! I dedicate most of my time to promoting the ever beautiful Windows Phone and managing the enthusiastic #WinPhan community I founded. Windows+Phone+Fan=WinPhan!

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