#WinPhan Photo Gallery: Hey Annie Lennox…Here Comes The Rain Again


I’m back with another WinPhan photo gallery. For over a year now, California has seen its driest period in our recorded weather history. This past week we received our first real storm of the year, so I took the opportunity to grab my Lumia 1020 and snap some photos. The Lumia 1020 is equipped with a xenon flash which offers users the ability to nearly freeze time, perfect for shooting moving water. As I found out, this is easier said than done. Splashing water and poor lighting make for some obvious difficulties, however, I had a GREAT time hiking around and can’t wait to do so again! I’ve discussed it before, remember, when taking photos, shoot as many as possible of a given scene. This will give you ample choice so you too can say, “These are my favorite of the bunch”.  Read past the break to see the Rain gallery.

In no particular order…

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