#WinPhan Photo Gallery: “Unharnessed”

I’m back again with another photo gallery. Today’s gallery was inspired by my recent fascination with water and capturing it via my beautiful and powerful Lumia 1020. Up until this particular gallery, most of my focus was upon slowing down time to show water in a passive, serene, and tranquil state. However, we had a storm roll through earlier this week which made all the streams, tributaries, and waterfalls swell, flood, and roar with furry. Rather than slow down time, I thought I would focus on the raw movement of the water itself, as it attempts to travel from 3200 feet in elevation back down to the brackish waters of the estuaries(were freshwater and saltwater meet).



These particular shots are all areas on a normal day, that have no water. However, with the storm, these same dried up beds just became home to many forms of life. Taken with no filters, no adjustments to shutter speed, or any other manipulations…I call this particular gallery: “Unharnessed”.


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