#WinPhan Scavenger Hunt: Lumia 1520 Winner

If only I could give each of you a device… and you know I would if I could…


And the winner of our #WinPhan Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize, a Windows Phone Lumia 1520 and MOGA Pro Controller goes to…


Congratulations AAKASH SHARMA ( @Aakash006sharma on Twitter ) of New Delhi, India! You were the 10th round winner in our weekly draw and now you ARE the Grand Prize winner of the #WinPhan Scavenger Hunt!




Here are some of AAKASH’s entries:





We’re proud to honor AAKASH as our winner! I believe his Lumia 720 is broken and we’re excited to be putting a gorgeous red Lumia 1520 in his hands!


Thanks to our friends and proud sponsor WPCyte, AAKASH will be enjoying games that contain MOGA support with his top notch MOGA Pro Controller because of their generous donation!



Once again I thank all of you for taking part in the hunt, it’s been so fun for my wife, son, and myself! I offer a very special thanks to some people in the community like Peter Murphy, William Longmire, Saajan, and Christer Stenman and others who have gone out of their way to help promote the hunt, spread the word, and and who have been so supportive. Special thanks also goes out to the Windows Phone Team for all their support and gifts for our #WinPhan community.

Stay tuned to winphan.net for upcoming exciting community events!

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