#WinPhan Scavenger Hunt: Round 7 Target Theme


Round 7 of the WinPhan Scavenger Hunt is here, the contest rewarding WinPhan all across the world! Find it, shoot it, and share it for your chance to win. We’re giving away some great Windows Phone accessories and SWAG every week, don’t miss your chance! So you like the Lumia 1520? Great, we’re giving away a red Lumia 1520 as our Grand Prize! In addition, thanks to proud sponsor WPCyte, we’re adding a MOGA Controller to the package for our very lucky Grand Prize Winner! Don’t think you have a chance…how about this? Just for entering, I’m going to give you an automatic entry into the drawing for our Consolation Prize, a yellow Lumia 1020! I want to make you a WinPhan winner! Read on to find out the 7th Round’s target theme that can make you a winner too!



With Windows Phone 8.1 now installed on over a million devices and one of the most shared features being custom backgrounds, I thought it would be fitting to have that be our theme this week.


Week 7’s Target Theme:


Any Windows Phone Screen Shot


-Any Screen Shot is acceptable, IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE A CUSTOM BACKGROUND

-If you only have a WP7 then snap a pic of its Start Screen and send that pic in

-If you don’t have a Windows Phone that’s Ok. Get online and Bing: Windows Phone backgrounds, WP Startscreens, etc. Save a pic you like and send it in!


*Submission period for Round 3 ends Sunday, May 4th, 2014 at 5pm PST.

Here are a few screenshots to get you in the mood from my Lumia 1020 and 1520, as well as my son’s Lumia 920! I’ve also added a pic I took of my Lumia 900’s Start Screen to inspire those of you still on WP7, I want to see you all enter too!! Let’s make this the top entry week yet!



So here’s what we’ll need you to do:

First we’ll need you to register at on our site #WinPhan so we can verify your email. To do so simply click HERE and we’ll take you right there. The rest is all fun and games!

1. Find Target

2. Snap Pic Of The Target

3. Upload Target Pic To OneDrive(SkyDrive)

4. Share pic’s OneDrive(SkyDrive) link with us by emailing it to:   contest@winphan.net




Up for grabs this week is this stunning Windows Phone windbreaker and automatic entry into the Lumia 1520 and MOGA Controller Grand Prize drawing! Be the ultimate WinPhan and show everyone which OS you think rocks!!!

Good hunting #WinPhan and may your week be filled with great shot after great shot on your Windows Phone!


For further info and contest details head to our #WinPhan Scavenger Hunt Terms and Conditions by clicking HERE.

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