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My Nokia Repair by Nasher Dezno

The Lumia 920 is a really great phone, the best that I have ever had. Just picking it up you can tell it is a quality product, and feels good in the hand. Nokia has a history of making devices that are rock solid and considered indestructible. Sometimes though, things happen and that’s when you need to send your phone back for repair.

In my case the volume rocker on my red Lumia 920 stopped acting properly. It is somewhat an annoyance when you can’t adjust volume as you might like, people look at you funny when you walk down the street because you keep telling your phone to speak up! Hence, I knew that I needed to send it in.

The process of sending it all to Nokia was really easy, you can find all the support help you need from Just keep in mind before you go to the website you will need your phones IMEI number.

In all it took ten days from the time I sent it, to when I had it back in my hand again, and I don’t mind saying ten days without the Lumia 920 is a lot!! Luckily I still had my Lumia 900 lying around… love that guy…

So of course, when you get your phone back from repair, it is a blank slate. Luckily, Windows Phone 8 has you covered, as you can restore your phone from a backup, and you do not even have to plug the phone in.

When you first boot the phone, you will have to go through a couple of getting started screens. It’s the usual fair, like if you wish to use recommended or custom setting, and things like that, but eventually you will get to this screen.


Simply type in your Microsoft credentials, and the phone will bring up a list of backups that are available. Press the one that you want and the phone will begin to restore from that backup. It will bring in your contacts, it will ask your email, and Facebook passwords as needed, and also importantly, it will begin to download any apps that you had on the phone before.


Keep in mind that the one thing the phone does not remember, is your Wi-Fi password, so if you are concerned about your data cap, be sure to go in and setup your Wi-Fi while it is downloading all your apps.

You will have to reshuffle your start screen as well, as it will be a default start screen.

All in all, I am very happy with the service I received from Nokia. They made my Lumia 920 good as new, and Microsoft made restoring my phone easy.


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