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One of the things us #WinPhans do is talk and share about our latest tips, tricks, apps and accessories. Which often leads to multiple purchases, and a whole lot of dialogue after the fact. Being the caring and sharing types that we are, we want users to share these titbits with us.

One such story that came up recently pertained to some Nokia OEM cases for the Lumia 920. WinPhan Matt [@themattclapham] told us about some cases for a reasonable price, and always cheap bargain conscious, Sean [@TheWinPhan] was all over it. Let’s hear their impressions.



This product is OEM and fits beautifully. The Cyan is color-perfect. I find the red to be slightly lighter than the phone itself, but it’s within (my) acceptable tolerances. It’s hard to beat the deep richness of the red 920 which I own.

I’ve used them now for a couple of weeks. However, yesterday, I noticed that they are both showing discoloration, notably around the edges. I would put this down to ‘rub’. I had my phone in my pocket pretty much all day and something caused either the color to wear, or the dye from my pants to embed itself onto the product.

I’m a little disappointed by the sudden drop in aesthetic appearance, but for the price I paid and the pure profile-fitting design, you can’t knock the Nokia 1043cc case.



The Nokia Lumia 920 Protective Cover CC-1043 is available in black, cyan, grey, red, and yellow allowing Lumia 920 owners the opportunity to experience what it would feel like had they opted for another color. The cases are very affordable at $13(USD), so if you’re feeling over zealous as a WinPhan, ordering more than 1 isn’t going to leave you eating Ramen(pot noodles) for the rest of the month!

Eager to have them arrive, I wasn’t disappointed upon opening! Now mind you, they’re $13, so it’s not bulky or heavy duty feeling like an Otterbox or Griffin. Quick digression…my wife just broke her Griffin case last week after dropping her phone. The phone did survive without incident: no dents…no scratches!

Anyhow, back to the Nokia OEM cases. They’re not bulky, they’re actually built to flex a little, which makes getting it on, a piece of cake! It’s a light weight plastic with a similar special finish the cyan Lumia 900’s came with, not quite the same…but similar. I have a glossy white 920, so the added texture makes it easier to hold.

Being so thin, it keeps your phone feeling the same in terms of size and weight. When I would hold my wife’s 920 when it had the Griffin case, it was very bulk, almost clumsy. That’s not the case(no pun intended) here!


I think one of my favorite things about ordering the OEM cases are the colors! When I switched from my Titan to a Lumia 900, I went with glossy white because it was SO different for me! When I got my 920 I got the glossy white because I couldn’t force myself to commit to the bold cyan or red available and was thoroughly disinterested in yet another black device having already had far too many devices that were equally void of color.

That hasn’t stopped me from drooling when I’m browsing pics of Windows Phones with all the colors available! So now I’m rocking a cyan Lumia 920 and next week, I’ll be rocking a grey Lumia 920, and the week after that…super banana yellow!

Being an OEM case, it’s cut to perfection. There are very few spots where the actual color of your device can be seen once the case is on and that’s a very big deal to me. I see so many cases when I’m out walking around where the case leaves so much of the actual phone exposed that it’s obvious the phones color is not as cool as it appears.

The only spots where color can be seen is at the top where the 3.5mm jack is and at the bottom where the speakers and charging port are located. It’s snug around the screen and around the volume, power, and camera buttons. The phone’s buttons aren’t covered by any material, they are exposed and easily accessed unlike my wife’s old Griffin, which could leave you pressing the covered buttons repeatedly with no response.

My final thought about these cases is that they aren’t going to stop your phone from getting crushed if it were to get run over by a vehicle. They will do a fine job for the most part keeping your device free from scratches and scuffs.

I’m sure that the case will show wear and tear and that’s ok. For the price, it’s MORE than worth it! In fact, I’m going to order another yellow so I don’t have to “borrow” it from my WinPhan wife. Oh yeah, I’m getting a black one too because I think I’m finally ready to at least humor the idea of a “normal” color device.

If you’re interested in purchasing one you can click HERE, but you better hurry before I buy them all!

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