WinPhans Love These Unveiling Weeks

What makes a WinPhan happy, more devices. Can we have them all? No. That’s ok because I don’t want to be too selfish! It means as much to me as a WinPhan, to know that other WinPhans in different regions and carriers have as wonderful well rounded choice of Windows Phone as I do being on AT&T’s network! Bring on the 2013 MWC so we can see some of what is in store for WinPhans globally, Windows Phone, and its OEM’s later in the year!

In the past as a writer for various news sites, I’ve always covered the event reporting the rumors and every aspect of the news as it’s released. That’s not going to be the case for this article or any other over this next week. I will do my best to bring you images from around the internet highlighting Windows Phone at the 2013 MWC.
The first set of images that caught my eye were from My Nokia Blog I would love to be in Barcelona right now, I get chills and excited just seeing these pics!


How about this one…the Sr. Director of Marketing Communications for the Windows Phone Division, Bill Cox, one of my favorite folks, tweeted this on Friday. It made me excited to know he was excited!

All right, I’ll give you one teaser as far as rumors go. From @evleaks on Twitter, the Lumia 520 and the Lumia 720:

Well that’s it for today, unless something so stunning just makes me have to do another piece. However, my guess is that’ll be tomorrow. Thanks for reading and may your dreams be filled with dancing Lumias and sugarplums!

To download the official 2013 MWC App for your Windows Phone click here or tap the icon below.

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