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Back again with some goodies for your Windows Phone! Busy weekend in our WinPhan home as our devices pulled another good handful of app updates for the Windows Phone Store and Marketplace. Business as usual, you know the routine: Simply click on pictured app to be redirected to that app’s update or to install it on your phone. If you have any questions, hit me up in the comments! Happy appin’!!   Open-mouthed smile


Tap on the app’s icon to be redirected to the Windows Phone Store for your update or to install on to your device.

f141bfc6-659f-4885-8fe2-52683096c2b0  Speed

213a59a1-8e7c-4263-842d-bd96fb996e04  Package Tracker

ee8dd8e2-7cf1-4d5c-bd26-08e5c7efb483  Skelly Archer

bdfb927e-a29e-430b-9ed0-9935bbb04846  Kingdom

6e177b24-874d-40af-9695-9e2a2b111e58  Titan

e460440c-9e77-41aa-8333-720a8f3dcbfd  AE Roulette 3D

f3430d30-aa12-4159-bea5-af7c0a9be84f  1800PocketPC

1313c0e5-f2b4-471e-a7f0-f98bcb750aee  PhotoFunia

495c6c4c-e660-40f3-a866-ec75652ef39e  Keep Calm

ed7a6e15-f629-41de-b0fb-abe2baeb01b0  Helium Voice Free

b10c7e95-eeee-4474-a01a-344d79f5a235  NatGeo Photos

692ed4d5-8734-4536-8348-71b5d5de4f31  MangaTronic Colors

f686869e-c191-44c2-8f48-8ce280a1a634  Mehdoh

44757b57-28f4-4e45-95ee-711bdd321570  Fart Nukes Free

a6697a0a-c39f-4dfe-a214-2dd2d0d5bc7e  Words By Post Free

04a0832a-2419-43a1-a2b2-8cfad1b4fd7a  Tile It

f9fd6d30-c2df-4a68-aa54-486cf2b69992  Gardener’s Calendar

7b9bccc5-8c33-4f30-971a-96f6234bebb4  Videobrary

ee25c53d-b993-49ed-9b7f-d3cb2daba1b1  NosePicker

79e03588-af1a-48c3-99fe-559fd92f3753  Battery

07fed442-c308-4c72-bb5e-5330558a4197  Golf Game

6e7ad8d8-0e8b-4398-92d0-dc4c85587132  funnel

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