#WinPhan’sGotYourBackJack App Updates


People have been looking to new apps entering the Windows Phone Store and Marketplace as the measure of WP’s success and to some degree, it is a good benchmark. I think of equal importance though, is the continued support of apps for WP7 devices and those app developers updating those same apps to incorporate WP8 features as well. To me, that is telling of our platforms continued growth and maturation! Without further ado, #WinPhan’sGotYourBackJack! Here are more app updates if your phone hasn’t pulled them yet.

Simply click the pic to be redirected to the Windows Phone Store to get your update on, or just to download the darn thing in the first place!


abe5eb0d-c77d-4e58-9777-8a5f6504182b  Facebook

b2f786d7-c7d6-4398-be3e-8a04668e3e81  Nokia Music

8e997557-bdd8-41d4-8daf-0a7e6c0c6592  Fhotoroom

994dab4d-d658-4c14-8a57-7639eae74bc8  Batman Almanac

alphajax  AlphaJax

93b8a077-1896-4d17-8ae1-85d7c986ab4d  Snes8x

35051394-a001-4049-87e1-096d17ad02c4  BoxShot Free

03e3f6ed-dfb6-4cc0-aeb9-c3a647d2e8f1  Woman Calendar

b488216b-c654-41f4-83b0-529b377b58d6  Skyscanner

4a73c46f-c741-4ad2-a472-f4bdf4253519  Redbox Renter

c1881759-bdd6-46f6-a724-a7ab8aaa721f  Viber

1127777a-b78e-4ad5-94b2-ad5e4ebcfedf  Hello Kitty

8712e374-9ce3-43fb-be45-506021fbc505  RUNNER vs ZOMBIES

122c1a0c-682b-4d21-8d30-274c0e043f1d  Insider

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