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Back again with a bundle of apps! In case you’re new to our process, sometimes our Windows Phones play funny and might not pull updates from the Store and Marketplace. So to help you enjoy your apps more, we compile all the apps that have updated throughout the week on our WP’s and share them with you. Simply tap the icon to be redirected to the updated app!

If you have any others, please tell us about it in the comments so we can keep helping WinPhans! If you’re interested in participating in #WinPhansGotYourBackJack, (and we hope you are) by sharing the apps on your WP, shoot me an email at:  the.winphan@live.com! Also, a quick congratulations to WinPhan and WInPhanDev Srikanth Nair for his Page Manager App making it to v2.3.8 with his endless efforts and time invested! With that said, this weeks app updates:

8f94e055-58fb-4910-b7a8-7bc1440f9df7   Page Manager

With Page Manager, you can quickly, easily and natively manage all your Facebook pages on your Windows Phone



f6e9b33f-120d-4aed-bd66-b9c0fc03aca2   WordPress

WordPress for Windows Phone is an Open Source app that empowers you to write new posts, edit content, view stats, and manage comments for your WordPress site



f686869e-c191-44c2-8f48-8ce280a1a634   Mehdoh

Mehdoh is the premier Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram client for Windows Phone



f3430d30-aa12-4159-bea5-af7c0a9be84f   1800PocketPC

The official 1800PocketPC app, giving you easy access to the latest Windows Phone news, app reviews, fresh concepts, homebrew apps, wallpapers & more



2103d0c9-86f9-48ee-8ba8-fb17ec213134   9Gag

The most complete and efficient 9gag application of the marketplace



13b1d387-25ea-490a-bd49-8290c61a212e   Pokédex Pro

This Pokédex contains every Pokémon from Bulbasaur to Genesect



afdcf2b4-1b2d-4a05-b417-7ebc97d6c8c0   Disqus

A mobile gateway to thousands of live discussions across the Disqus community of communities



8e997557-bdd8-41d4-8daf-0a7e6c0c6592   Fhotoroom

Fhotoroom is a pro camera, photo sharing network and professional mobile photo editor



c21382e4-e988-4e8b-9cd0-eeb076477cee   PrimeTube

PrimeTube is the most elegant way to access YouTube from your Windows Phone device



01f59675-767c-4c0b-b9af-599dee65ca1d   glƏƏk!

Get the coolest, fastest Twitter client available for Windows Phone



a3b5d7df-1200-4f51-951a-d05310c20067   Photoplay

Photoplay is all about photo. And sharing. And photo. And sharing again. Photoplay looks like Instagram



b6a35cb7-8441-4f32-85f6-d2f6a66c4445   UC Browser

#1 mobile browser on the Marketplace



2bd5349d-29aa-4378-9175-f4bbba61d725   Be Calm

Create your own KEEP CALM and CARRY ON poster



25f877c9-5f0d-4254-b317-34de6709266e   Pixl for Flickr

Introducing Pixl: Flickr Simplified. Easily view your Flickr photos on your smartphone in a fun and engaging new way



81a99bbc-b4c0-402f-b2f4-bc80bc4683c7   Prototype Browser

The Fastest Web Browser Across The Entire Mobile Platform



9c135fb7-8627-4ae6-8dad-e8b76d09e8ad   Baseball Pro ‘13

Baseball Pro ’13 will give you Fast, Trustworthy scores, Up to the Minute Stats and Standings and much more



0856a915-7e11-4091-9eef-a552420d82be   Wikipedia

The best Wikipedia app on the marketplace



994dab4d-d658-4c14-8a57-7639eae74bc8   Batman Almanac

We bring the Batman universe to your finger tips through our simple and easy to use interface



e851c084-056e-407a-ae52-6fd8af1a9cea   Ringtones

Get the best ringtones for your windows phone



b10c7e95-eeee-4474-a01a-344d79f5a235   NatGeo Photos

View beautiful, gorgeous National Geographic photos on your Windows Phone



2c98bdaa-2815-4654-aed7-b11b728c96c3   Kids Tell Jokes

Come Listen to Kids Tell Jokes



77dcb6ca-2a5c-4318-bf66-1764fe4180b0   Oreo Skies

Celebrate the “kid within” by pointing your Lumia at the sky, no matter what time of day or night, and explore a map of stars and constellations where you can message with your friends via Facebook

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