#WinPhansGotYourBackJack App Updates


Back with some more Windows Phone app updates! Honestly my 920 is being stubborn this week and I have been shared these beauties from the input of others. If you have updates throughout the week, I encourage you to share them with me. Without further ado…

Simply tap the icon or title to be redirected to the Windows Phone Store or Marketplace. Happy appin’!


f686869e-c191-44c2-8f48-8ce280a1a634   Mehdoh


78d70f51-76b6-49d2-ac8d-ba58d7284c32    easyRing & Music


e441f3d7-555f-46bd-bbff-45dd28c7b044   Follow Unfollow


fe1e1db2-e066-4782-b01e-ff0fca590f0c   Skype


cbd88daf-24ce-4495-8870-cd7477fd5fd9   Evernote


0856a915-7e11-4091-9eef-a552420d82be   Wikipedia


f9487a91-4d0a-42af-9575-bd98f73e3c89   Woman Calendar


4a5cf619-660b-4eaa-8d60-705caed6ab9c   ESPN


7e382549-a0b6-4c73-8db3-cd5e77d5d0f3   Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour


2d6a07b1-9b83-4c09-9292-01e2c8d2dfb2   Wizard’s Tower

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