#WinPhanWalkThrough: Been A While? Reconnect With Nokia App Social Using AppSocial Migration


I’ll be the first to say that I might have just missed this somewhere along the lines, there’s so much to keep track of with Windows Phone. However, over the past few days I’ve been trying to login to Nokia’s App Social after installing WP Store version on my Lumia 520 and 1020 to with no luck. Turned to Twitter, still no luck. Low and behold, I found the tool that allowed me to bridge the gap between NokiaBetaLabs original AppSocial Beta as opposed to the newer App Social in the WP Store now.


This is not an app review, so in quick dispense, App Social is an absolutely FANTASTIC way to find other WinPhan and Windows Phone owners, see what they use, and get ideas on ways to better enjoy your WP.



This article is a walkthrough for those of you, like myself, who used the original AppSocial Beta from NokiaBetaLabs and have yet to download or login to the newer version App Social now available in the Windows Phone Store. I’ll let the pictures do the talking with a few interjections between. Hope this helps.

Start by clicking HERE to download AppSocial Migration





Next you’ll need to launch the migration app and follow the instructions:




Login your Nokia Account info:




And like magic your accounts are now linked!




Now without issue you can open your App Social and you are logged in! If you’ve yet to pick it up in the WP Store, take a moment and do so now! Like the WinPhan community, it relies on our input! You can help new Windows Phone owners stay Windows Phone owners by helping them to find the right apps as there are still many new to the OS who have yet to find our large and incredible app gap fillers like 6tag. Be a WinPhan and make a difference, download Nokia’s App Social. Make you profile and share your knowledge today!



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