WordPress For Windows Phone! Really Amped!

WordPress is one of the biggest blogging platforms out there, and when we talk about apps coming to the Windows Phone ecosystem, I think their app for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows phone 8 have mirrored each other and have been overlooked. The app since it was first released got off to a slow start, but of late it seems that there has been update upon update, and it has become a really useful tool for bloggers on the go.


The app is very true to the modern design, it has been kept very clean and functional, and in increments, has actually caught up to the web interface that WordPress offers in the PC browser. The latest update for me ticked the last box, you can now access the visual editor from your Windows Phone.

wp_ss_20130410_0007 wp_ss_20130410_0006

Besides new features, what WordPress is doing with the app are actually crossing the border between PC and Phone with their app, making more of the MS mobile/PC inter connectivity, than MS. That might seem a bit harsh, but posting this from my phone with images, and laying it out how I like is pretty impressive in my books

If you are a Windows Phone User, and a Blogger using WordPress, this app is a must have in your arsenal. They also earn an extra shout out for support, I have never had a support request/question about the app ignored, or unanswered.

If you haven’t tried it, you can find it on the store here!

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