You better recognise!

Recognition: some actively seek it, others secretly want it, but we all yearn it.

For me personally, recognition is about acknowledging who someone is, what they do and the impact they have to those around them and in the community at large.

In our WinPhan community, a couple of names stand out.

Sean Johnson (@TheWinPhan) shouldn’t be a stranger to those who consider themselves Windows Phone fans. He is the founder of the WinPhan movement. If there is a greater Windows Phone fan out there than Sean, I have yet to come across that person. Sean has a passion for Windows Phone, that I think at times rivals even the passion that Microsoft has for their platform. Yes, it’s a pretty strong statement, but one that Sean has proven time and again through his words, actions and attitude! So Sean, thank you for rallying us together and making WinPhan a reality! Thank you for your willingness to help developers like us to create better apps. Windows Phone as a platform and the community at large is fortunate to have you with us!

Peter Murphy (@pedaah) is another individual who has gone above and beyond to get WinPhan going. This site wouldn’t be here without his tireless efforts and input. Peter is a true Windows Phone fan. He is a great asset to the community as well as to the Windows Phone developers out there. He has been a valuable resource in my own journey as a Windows Phone developer. When he’s not serving the Windows Phone community or maintaining this site, he’s busy putting together articles on Thank you Peter, for all that you do and have done for the Windows Phone community of fans and developers alike.

I could list many more names here but you get the idea. Let’s take time to recognise those who’ve sacrificed their personal time and put energy into serving the Windows Phone community.

Do you know of a fan or developer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve the Windows Phone community? If so, please share those stories with us!

You better recognise!

Thanks for reading.


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