YouTubePocolypse: Your WinPhan Survival Guide To Videos Online


You Tube, we all know it and some even love it. I can’t say that applies to me as a WinPhan, although I understand why those of you who do so…do. You like to watch videos right, but you don’t want to participate in or lend a hand to Google continuing its poor treatment towards Microsoft, Windows Phone, and WinPhans? So what do you do? Find out how I survive a YouTubless world yet stay in tune with the mobile world without the aid of Google and YouTube, the largest video network.


So what do you do if you’re through with Google and YouTube but want to keep watching videos? That’s a good question as options are quite limited! Unlike the Scroogled campaign and the many PSA’s offered on how to remove Google services such as Gmail from you life, YouTube and video services have yet to be addressed. I use 0 Google services, 0…not even YouTube. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch videos though! Instead I opt to watch videos from Vimeo, which is a video network similar to YouTube. One of the largest and most distinct differences between the 2 networks would simply be the amount of content available, with YouTube having what would seem to be an infinite amount more videos than Vimeo available, at least at first glance. I’m going to spend some time telling you more about Vimeo because if done right it can help to eliminate YouTube from your needed services! Before you look away thinking to yourself, “Oh I’ve tried the Vimeo app on my WP and just don’t like it” I’d like to let you know Vimeo has updated their official app for Windows Phone 8 as of this morning and it’s leaps and bounds better than earlier versions, leaps and bounds!


So what is Vimeo? Vimeo is another network that offers the ability for everyday folks like yourself to upload videos, watch videos, and follow people who are making and posting these videos. At first glance It’s a little confusing in all honesty, if nothing else other than just trying to figure out how to get to content that you’re interested in. It took me a good day to say I was fully versed in Vimeo land, from trying to find videos that had cool Windows Phone content, to correctly uploading a video to their network. My first tip is to avoid Vimeo via your browser on your phone. Watching Vimeo from your browser requires flash, so it’s not an option on our phones. However, you can get some good searching done via the browser. The picture below shows the necessity for flash in the browser, however the following pic shows how to add videos via the browser to an album to watch on your Windows Phone using the Vimeo app.


Last bit for the browser tips: Simply search a key word and then select “You may also want to check out…”, that’ll add that keyword to your feed so anytime a video is tagged as such, it appears in your feed…even in the app. This feature is great for being fed Windows Phone videos, they get delivered right to me!


Now onto the Vimeo app itself! The app is pretty straight forward doing a good job of offering an app that is indicative of what us WinPhans consider a beautiful minimalist UI, especially after today’s update. The app is easy to navigate and has many pivots aside from the main hub, offering some features that were either not present or just didn’t work. The upload center didn’t work in previous versions, however that is now fixed allowing you to share your favorite videos via your Windows Phone! Some other features that were added:


  • Create live tiles from your videos or featured channels
  • WP8 Live Tile support(All 3 sizes/Active Live Tile/Back side of Live Tile now supports images)
  • Replace existing video
  • Use NFC Tap-to-Share to share Vimeo videos between phones
  • Easily upload your footage in HD
  • Pause and resume uploads
  • Replace existing videos
Full Size Vimeo Tile
With Image Support Full Size Vimeo Tile



This is my feed. It shows me all the different videos that have been tagged with my keywords, it’s convenient as I don’t have to spend as much searching for items I know I will be searching frequently. Your feed also consists of Albums, Groups, Channels, and People you follow. Your feed if managed correctly, can fill up rather quickly with some great videos floating around just waiting be seen!



So you’re up and going now with Vimeo on the basics from the browser to searching via your app. I pointed out some of the new additions above and would like to now show you the core features that Vimeo didn’t, instead improving the performance of these key features and made them functional! The core of the Vimeo app for Windows Phone:


  • my videos
  • my likes
  • watch later


  • my albums
  • my groups
  • my channels


Here’s a quick rundown of the different functions, most of which are self-explanatory.

My Videos: is simply that, videos that you yourself uploaded onto Vimeo’s network. This is an easy way for you to manage all your videos allowing you to track things such as views, likes and comments in addition to sharing outside Vimeo’s network with NFC, email, sms, Facebook, and Twitter as well as sharing it within Vimeo via your albums, groups, or channels.

My Likes: are just that, videos that you have liked while watching videos on Vimeo. Videos can be liked via your Windows Phone app as well and can be viewed by other members, giving them a better opportunity to understand you and offer them a chance to follow you.

Watch Later: is also what is claims. Too busy to sit and watch an entire video but you know you want to watch it later, do just that…watch later when you have the appropriate time to satiate your WinPhan video needs!


As I spoke about earlier, Vimeo did a nice job on holding true to Windows Phone’s minimal UI and provided a good amount of elbow stretching room with several pivots within the app to explore.


Your Collections:

My Albums: is an easy way to organize your videos for future viewing and for people to easily locate videos from your profile. Set up an album for your Windows Phone videos then set one up for cute puppy videos and keep it all straight.

My Groups: Are groups that either you have formed and invited others to partake in or you yourself were invited to participate in. These can only be viewed by members of the group.

My Channels: Is just that, your channels that you create or subscribe to. I have a WinPhan channel that I created for example, where all the videos are WP related, it’s an easy way to connect large groups of people.


Notice one of the changes…the ability to pin your Channels to your Start Screen!

Last part I’ll cover is uploading videos directly from your Windows Phone. In order to do so, you need to shoot the video in Vimeo’s app using their lens. Once done though, it’s a very easy process to upload your video to their network. You even have options to change the quality of the video prior to uploading.


If you have videos that you’ve downloaded from YouTube or from other online sources, the process of the uploading to Vimeo is a little different and requires a little effort. You must convert the video to their requirements or it will sit in limbo and never upload to their network. To find out how to easily change your videos settings for easy upload upon converting head to Compression Guidelines and input the values provided. There’s even a link on the right side of the guidelines page with some great conversion software if you don’t have one installed on your PC.


I hope you all head over to Vimeo if you haven’t already and more than that I hope to see you join the WinPhan Channel and join the WinPhan fun on Vimeo!!! If you have videos that you’ve recorded yourself or downloaded from the internet and would like to see them on the WinPhan Channel, SO WOULD WE!!! Simply shoot us an email containing either a link to the video or the file itself and we’ll get it uploaded and added to our Channel! We hope to see your participation. Until next time…Happy videos!

To download Vimeo from the Windows Phone Store click HERE

To view the WinPhan Channel click HERE

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